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Writing & Citing Music: Home

Writing about music, and citing music resources, is different than most other subjects. This Guide is designed to help.

Picking your topic IS research!

What Makes a Good Research Question?

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Research Process

Steps in the Research Process 1) Define the Problem: Select a topic for research. 2) Review the Literature: Familiarize yourself with existing research on the topic. 3) Select a Research Design: Choose one or more research methods: experiment, survey, observation, use of existing sources. 4) Formulate a Hypothesis: What do you intend to test? What is the relationship among the variables? 5) Carry out the Research: Collect your data: record information. 6) Interpret your Results: Work out the implications of the data you collect. 7) Report the Research Findings: What is their significance? How do they relate to previous findings? 8) Repeat: Your findings are registered and discussed in the wider academic community, leading perhaps to the initiation of further research.Snazlan. (2016, October 25). Topic 0002: Steps in the research process. snazlan's blog | creativekapture. Retrieved December 9, 2021, from

Research Strategies

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