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About this guide

This guide is designed to help you find information about, and music for, opera. Use this as a starting point, or browsing tool. As always, consult our catalog for complete holdings information, and when uncertain, ask at the Reference Desk!


Geraud, Le Bal Masqué de l’Opéra , undated (19th cent.)

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  Scores Pertaining to Opera
M1500 Complete works
M1501 Concert arrangements
M1502 Vocal scores or choral scores without accompaniment
M1503 Vocal scores with keyboard accompaniment- General
M1503.5 Vocal scores with keyboard accompaniment-Concert arrangements
M1505 Excerpts-Original accompaniment
M1506 Excerpts-Arranged accompaniment
M1507 Excerpts-Keyboard accompaniment-Collections
M1508 Operas-Excerpts-Keyboard accompaniment-Separate works (by title)
M1508.1 Vocal and chorus scores without accompaniment-Collections
M1508.2 Vocal and chorus scores without accompaniment-Separate worls
M1509 Operatic scenes (independent works not detached from larger works)


Books about Opera

ML40 Opera programs

Librettos (texts, scenarios) - Miscellaneous collections

ML48 Librettos- Collections- 2 or more composers or authors
ML49 Librettos- Collections- 1 composer or author
ML50 Librettos-Separate works (non-US imprints 1801- ; US imprints 1851- )
ML50.2 Librettos-Separate works (non-US imprints  through 1800)
ML50.6 Librettos-Separate works (US imprints  through 1850)
ML50.7 Ballad operas (by title)
ML50.9 Parodies
ML57.65 Film operas-Collections
ML52.7 Film operas- Separate works
ML52.75 Radio operas-Collections
ML52.75 Radio operas-Separate works
ML102.O4 Encyclopedias and dictionaries
ML128.O4 Bibliographies
ML156.4.O6 Discographies
ML158.6.O6 Video catalogues
ML1800 History and criticism- Serious opera
ML1850 History and criticism- Comic opera
ML1900 History and criticism- Operetta
ML2054 History and criticism- Musicals and revues
ML3918.O64 Political and social aspects
ML3858 Philosophical and societal aspects


Instructional Books about Opera

MT64.O6 Instruction and study
MT95 Analysis and appreciation- 2 or more composers (includes stories and plots)
MT100.A-Z One composer (1 composer, from A to Z)


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