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Searching Articles, Books, & More: 2 - Filters & Refinements Section

This guide gives you basic information about how Summon works to find things owned by University of Rochester Libraries

Filters & Refinements Section Features

Filters & Refinements options are used to narrow your search results set to a more focused set of items. These tools appear on the left side of the  Search Results Page.


a - Search Refinements options:

  • Limit to Full Text Online.
  • Limit to Scholarly & Peer-Review.
  • Limit to Open Access items.
  • Limit your search to items in the Library Catalog (no articles).


b - Select multiple filters before refreshing your results.


c - Filter your results by Content Type:

  • Click on More... to see additional formats.
  • See Apply Filters for additional guidance.


d - Filter your results by Library Location.


e - Filter your results based on the Publication Date.


f - Filter your results to items on a particular Language. 


g - Filter your results to one or more Subjects.


h - Filter your results by Discipline.

Apply Filters

The number of results linked to a particular filter are displayed to the right of the filter value.
  • When multiple filter values are selected or excluded, Summon combines the values with a Boolean operator OR.
  • More... link appears below each type of filter; click the link to display all filter values, sorted by rank.
When you click on the More... link below a particular filter, a Filter List search box opens to the right of the Filters & Refinements column. 
  • You can use the Filter List search box when there are many different values to sort through.
  • Click on a particular value to include it in your filtered search results. Once clicked, an item will display a Green checkmark to the right of the item, as seen below. To exclude a value, click on the Red 'X' that displays to the right of the item when you hover over it.


a - Click on More... to see all the options for a particular filter.


b - Sort the options Alphabetically or by Rank (number of hits).


c - Include or Exclude any desired options to filter your search.


d - Click on Apply to apply any selections to your current search.