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DiscoverUR (Sibley Music Library): Filters & Refinements

Search tips for using UR's discovery interface, DiscoverUR

Refine your results



Refine your Results

Refine your Results

Add results beyond your library's collection

  • This will expand your search results to look outside of what the library has available
  • This will include results that you would need to request through Interlibrary Loan

Sort by

  • Select how you want to view your results
    • Relevance
    • Publication date
    • Title
    • Author


  • Limit to materials available online 
  • Limit to Scholarly & Peer-Review
  • Limit to Open Access items
  • Limit your search to items in the Library Catalog 

Content Type

  • Limit what types of materials you are viewing
  • Click on Show More... to see additional formats


  •  Limit your results by Library Location

Publication Date

  • Limit your results based on the Publication Date


  • Limit your results to one or more Subjects